In Style Magazine – Is Waxing or Threading better for your brows?

Extracts taken from In Style Magazine By Marianne Mychaskiw

– You have hairs that grow in a downward direction. Sometimes people have hair that grows in a downward direction at the center of the brow, and those hairs will accidentally get pulled out during threading, resulting in a bald spot.

– You have a low tolerance for pain. Generally speaking, waxing is much quicker and not as painful as threading can be. You may experience some redness afterward, but that’s to be expected.

– You want to grow out your brows. That myth about threading stimulating dormant hairs? Because threading cuts so close to the actual shape of your brows, that method is probably best if yours is are already in a place you like. As for the rest of us recovering from the tweezer-heavy trends of the early ’00s, go with wax, as your technician will be able to leave behind the hairs you need, and slowly coax them into a fuller shape within a few months.

– You’re using retinol-based products as these products leave your skin very dry and sensitive and you run the risk of tearing the skin.

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