Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Does it hurt?
It would be a bit of a porky pie to say that wax treatments are completely pain free.  However the pain is not intense and is very fleeting.  It is true that the more you wax the finer the hair comes back and each future wax becomes more and more comfortable.  The very best Perron Rigot waxes are used during treatments which are famous for being gentle on all skin types.

  • Do I have to get on all fours?
If you have booked an intimate wax to include everything gone, then yes.  The Kim Lawless technique for female Brazilian waxing in which I am certified, does indeed require you to get on all fours.  It is very simple, if you want every hair gone then it is by far the quickest and most effective way.  It is the shortest and fastest section of the treatment which is done first then you can lay back and relax!

  • What's different about a wax at The Peach Bar?
The training from the UK’s ultimate Queen of Waxing herself - Kim Lawless.  Kim has designed her own winning technique for female intimate hair removal, the technique of which I am trained and certified to use at The Peach Bar.  I will successfully remove every single last hair should you request it!

  • Do I have to be naked?
You do not have to be naked.  If you have booked an intimate wax treatment then of course it makes sense to remove your underwear otherwise we shall end up in a terrible sticky mess!  If you are just having a basic or high leg bikini you can leave on the underwear.  Don't worry, towels are always used to keep you warm and feeling secure.  I would never ask you to remove clothing unless absolutely necessary as I understand that most of us fall into the category of feeling much happier covered up.

  • How quickly does the hair grow back?
On average it’s around a month, but I personally am an example of someone who could easily have a leg wax every three weeks.  It is wise to try and get at least four weeks growth in before a wax so you get a really decent result.  Be aware though if you try to eek out your appointments to around six weeks, the hair can sometimes snap on removal rather than be pulled out by the root and the result can sometimes be less than perfect.  The more you wax the less the hair grows back.

  • Does the hair grow back prickly?
No it doesn't. When you pull the hair out from the root, it grows back with a fine point so it feels soft and natural. When you shave, the hair is chopped off with a blunt cut, which is why it feels prickly.

  • How frequently do I need to have my waxing done?
Again, this is unique to each person.  Once every four weeks is a good maintenance benchmark to go by.

  • Is it only young people that have this done or can anyone have it?
Clients of all ages wax - the only condition is that you are over 16.

  • Will I bruise or bleed?
Someone always has a bit of a scare story to tell about waxing.  These usually relate to a bikini wax done years ago when they were still done with warm wax and strips.  However if you have really sensitive skin there is always a very slight chance of bruising.  This will happen less and less the more treatments you have.  As for bleeding - well actually when very coarse hair is pulled out from the root then it is quite common and not at all worrying for the odd little spot of blood to appear.

  • How long does the hair have to be for waxing?
About half a centimetre is the right sort of length. The wax needs to be able to stick to the hair so a couple of days worth of regrowth is not enough. If it is too long a little trim up before going in for a bikini wax is a great idea and will be much less painful.  Don't be at all embarrassed if I do a little trimming before your bikini wax, we want your wax to be as quick and pain free as possible.

  • What if I am really hairy?
It doesn't matter how hairy you are, but can be a bit more uncomfortable for you if your hair is very long. For intimate waxing, it would be better for you if you trimmed (to about half a centimetre) before coming in.  The good thing about Hot wax, is that it doesn’t really matter how long the hair is. Sometimes a light bruising can happen with longer hair though, just so you know.

  • What is the difference between Brazilian and Hollywood waxing?
Traditionally Brazilian is all off but has a landing strip left and Hollywood is all off. You will have a discussion with me before hand though so you can let me know exactly what you want from your wax, the width of the landing strip, or triangle and so on.

  • The thought of having someone waxing all of my bits makes me very nervous......
Most first timers feel nervous - you are not alone.  But remember Brazilian and Hollywood waxes are booked more than anything else these days and therefore is a treatment carried out many times a day on clients of every size and age. It's very laid back and I always try my best to make people feel as comfortable as possible and have a laugh at the same time.