Partial view from above of a young woman in lying down on inflatable ring. The water ripples in the bright sunlight.So why wax?  Okay so shaving and using hair removal creams all do the same thing I know - make you smooth and hairless.  But it is boring to continuously repeat these chores so frequently.  By waxing you still get the hair coming back, but the regrowth is slower and finer so you don't have the awful prickly legs after just a couple of days.  And waxing the bikini line is the only way to go.  Say goodbye to unsightly red rashes, whiteheads and an itchy crotch from shaving.  Advances in recent years of waxing and my specialist training in intimate waxing through celebrity waxer Kim Lawless, means the pain is minimal, fleeting and the redness can disappear anything from just a couple of hours later, to up to 24.  And you only have to do it once a month.  Enough said.