About Us

Wax heating pot and waxing spatula in  a beauty salon

Who we are

The Peach Bar is dedicated to making all clients more confident about themselves when they walk out the door.  I will always strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you are here.  I have trained with the best in the business to ensure I deliver a brilliant service.

My Story

I qualified as a beauty therapist in 2004 and enjoy all aspects of beauty therapy, but my real passion is getting rid of unwanted hair. As a waxing customer I have had all types of hair removal treatment, some good, some not so good and others damn right awful. I don't want anyone to experience bad waxing and I'm on a mission to give the best waxing experience there is.  In my opinion waxing is by far the best way of getting rid of unwanted hair, nothing leaves that smooth feeling like decent wax.

The Peach Bar is all about turning something that I thoroughly enjoy into something everyone can enjoy.

The Peach Bar

Get waxed, get confident.  Smooth as a peach people!


Lisa Arundel